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Welcome to Mall of Scandinavia


Together with my team I wish you a warm welcome to
Mall of Scandinavia. To make your visit as nice as possible,
we gladly receive your feedback and requests. We are proud
to make your next visit a unique experience!

See you soon,

Sophie Karls, Centre Manager Mall of Scandinavia

Contact details Mall of Scandinavia

Invoice questions parking
08-121 534 30 | Office hours: 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Property Owner
Box 7846
103 98 Stockholm
08-586 230 00

Fault report
08-408 089 36
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For information about stores, opening hours and other services:
Mall of Scandinavia
08-4000 8000 
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Mall of Scandinavia 
Stjärntorget 2
169 79 Solna 


      If you are interested in leasing a space in
      Mall of Scandinavia, please contact:

      Louise Bergqvist

     Hire of event space and pop up stores:

     Uthyrning av tillfälliga lokaler/ytor för
     pop-up butiker och reklamaktiviteter/sampling:

     Ulrica Frisk-Forsman
     073-095 82 98

     Malin Hallner
     076-525 55 34

     Glenn Jaako
073-094 12 80