play area

Welcome to the Seasons' play area, on floor 1!
Here you can climb the tree of seasons and play in all four seasons at the same time

Everyone has a favorite, and there is probably something we think is best with each of them. However, the four Seasons often end up in a quarrel about who should have the most time in the calendar. Vintran tries to start as early as possible and sometimes brings snow in April, and does not like it when Springis warms things up and melts snow.

The tree-lined tree was one day tired of their discussions and asked them to move in all four in the same place, where they could learn to agree and respect each other's differences. And this place is in Mall of Scandinavia!

play area

Welcome to Babblarnas' play area on level 0, outsitde Polarn O. Pyret!

Babblarna are a colourful gang that can help your child to develop their speech in an early fashion! In Babblarnas world, the children can listen to Babblarna and imitate them, and therefore develop their own speech. The play area is suitable for children in the ages of 0-7.



The four small Seasons seem small and rough, but have great powers! Those are the ones who control the changes of the seasons. While the four are best friends and often have parties together over the year, they fight each other to get a place in the calendar. This sometimes leads to quarrelling between them, you have probably heard them at some point, with lightning and thundering it in the sky, or hailing little ice cubes from heaven.

Höstan feels that Vintran is far too keen and wastes the snow when it comes too early. Vintran never seems to want to let go of Scandinavia once it has taken its place. Springis is trying to run spring in March and may struggle hard until June before it can make the ice melt on the lakes.

And Sommris! That is a character with very high self-esteem! It usually says that it is so long-awaited, and is supported every year when autumn makes the leaves yellow and claims that the Scandinavians love the fresh air and beautiful autumn trees. Previously, the four small Seasons often ended up in breach of one another. Until one day, when the seasonal tree had enough of listening to them and saying, "I think you should move together and get to know each other properly, then you might learn to appreciate each other's differences. If you do, I'll invite you to the beautiful northern lights every night." Said and done, the four Seasons looked for a suitable place and move into. They found Mall of Scandinavia. Together they created the "Playtime of the Seasons", where they now live side by side. Certainly it will be a fuss sometimes, everybody wants as many months as possible of the Scandinavian year, but they also enjoy each other's company! Come join them, in a place where all seasons are welcome at the same time!!