Welcome in to O’Learys entertainment center!

O'Learys Game Zone is officially open, with activities beyond the ordinary! We are the first ones in Europe to offer bumper cars in a mall. Split into two teams (5 players per team) and buckle-up, for a game of soccer with your bumper cars. Compete against people all over the world through our interactive climbing wall, challenge your friends on our shooting range. All of the activities are paid by a game card, which you fill with an amount of your choice.
Welcome to Game Zone!

Our opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 10:00 – 24:00
Friday – Saturday 10:00 – 01:00
Sunday 10:00 – 24:00

If you would like to reserve a lane or learn more about us, please contact 08-75 10 965 eller bokning.mos@olearys.se
You can also make reservations via our website >>


Gallatic Billiard
Come and try out the latest technique and design, where we project help lines on the table based on which angle you have on your cue stick. No more excuses about not knowing where to aim - we help and show you. Perfect for the afterwork or as a part of a pentathlon or triathlon.

Price: 180 SEK/table, 60 min
Great Gatsby Bowling Lounge
The Great Gatsby Bowling Lounge has six lanes in an environment inspired by the decadent and jazzy 20's. The bowling lounge can also be booked for private companies. You get your own waitress who makes sure you're having a fantastic evening.

Price: 495 SEK/lane, 55 min
laser tag
Urban Laser Tag
Localize yourself in the room, find the enemies and shoot them down with your lasertag weapon. Without doubt, this activity increases the adrenaline and contributes to a lot of laughter. It's an experience for everybody, whether it's a bridal shower, bachelor party, staff party or family party.

Price: 120 SEK/adult (12+), 70 SEK/child (7+)
Boston Garden Circus Bowling
Boston Garden Circus Bowling offers twelve lanes in a playful environment. Bowl interactively - a whole new way of experiencing bowling! On Fridays and Saturdays we have disco bowling with a dj.

Price: from 260 SEK/lane, 55 min
Sports world mini golf
Our fantastic Sports World Mini Golf is a crazyily imaginative mini golf course that is appreciated by everyone who tries it. Play in a mini bus, boxing ring or via the snow scooter.

Price: 100 SEK/adult, half the price for children under the age of 12
Shuffleboard is a mix between curling and boule. A very entertaining game despite the age, where it takes nervs of steel to outwin your opponent.

Price: 140 SEK/table, 45 min

Family Fun

Birthday parties
Saturdays & Sundays 11:00-13:00
Arrange your children's party at O’Learys! We offer parties with bowling, mini golf or lasertag for children to the age of 12. After the activities, we serve the children our fantasitc No.1 children's buffet with hamburgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, french fries, salads and pancakes with jam and cream. For dessert, our popular soft serve ice cream is served with candy and toppings. The party is about 2 hours and 20 minutes long. We will make sure to give you an unforgivable birthday party that your friends will talk about for many months!

Food experiences

No.1 Lunch Buffet
Monday – Friday 11:00-14:00
Welcome to one of Stockholm's biggest lunch buffets.
The meat and fish of the day vary everyday. To know what is being served today, see our lunch menu. Every day, you are able to combine your own hamburger or salad from a large range of ingredients. Don't miss out on our freshly baked pizzas, or try any of our different varieties of wok.
No.1 Dinner Buffet
Tuesday – Saturday 17:30-21:00
This buffet has everything from chicken wings, ribs, hamburgers with french fries, diffferent sauses, mozzarella sticks, cheddar zappers and onion rings. Different types of meat, chicken, potato gratins, Asian woks, pizzas, salmon, fish & chips and mussels. We also have vegetarian alternatives.
No.1 Weekend Buffet
Saturdays & Sundays 12:00-16:00
Come to our fantastic weekend buffet and try American pancakes, chicken nuggets. smoothies, chicken wings, hamburgers and much more. Just like the dinner buffet, there are different types of meat to choose from, as well as Asian dishes, Swedish plain food, a salad buffet, quesedillas and nachos. Of course, there are also options for vegetarians.
Monday – Friday 15:00-18:00
Welcome to O’Learys afterwork in the bar! Bring your colleagues or friends, and come to grab something to eat or drink.
We serve nachos and dips to all guests.


Conference Cape Cod
Cape Cod, that has given the room its name, is one of the US most fancy summer dreams. A flexible room that takes up to 24 people. Supplied with the latest technique. big tables and comfortable chairs.
Conferens Harvard Hall
This conference room takes up to 150 people. It has everything for your event or conference, fully supplied with technique for lectures or performances. The room has multiple tv screens, so that everybody can see.
Konferens Nantucket
The room is named after the little island Nantucket outside Boston on the US eastcoast. It's a flexible room that takes up to 60 people and is supplied with the latest technique.

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