What is The Designer Gallery?


The Designer Gallery is located in the middle of Mall of Scandinavia, on the first floor. Here we have gathered fashion, inspiration and different moods - to celebrate creativity in all its forms. Recently, the Designer Gallery has been reconceptualized with a new unique design. Creator Lee Cotter is the man behind the concept - From the Streets - where inspiration has been taken from subcultures connected to photography, art, fashion and technology. Also, do not miss our Lounge, next to the lifts, where you can relax and take a breather during your shopping. In the Lounge you can also participate in various shopping events and activities.


Photography, art, fashion & technology

The Designer Gallery regularly hosts exhibitions and activities linked to either of the four different themes that Lee Cotter has taken inspiration from: photography, art, fashion and technology.  








The Face of Beauty

Right now the colorful photo exhibition The Face of Beauty is on display, a collaboration between the well-known fashion photographer Mikael Schulz and the make-up artist Viktoria Sörensdotter. You can find the exhibition in a store room by The Designer Gallery.